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                                       Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How qualified are your instructors?

         All of our School of Christian Education instructors hold a Master's degree or above in religious studies.         

     2. Can I receive a specialized curriculum for my spiritual interest? 

         Yes, contact us and outline your goal

     3. How did C.F.H.P. come about?  

         Chosen for His Purpose School of Christian Ministries was birth through the work of the Holy Spirit. 

     4. How long are the classroom sessions?

         Most session last for about 1.5 hours a week.  

     5.  Is C.F.H.P. Christian Ministries a part of a denomination?

          No, C.F.H.P. is a non-denominational Christian School.

     6.  Where is the Campus located?  

          Currently we have one classroom location for those who prefer class setting. Classroom setting is held at                       World Life Church, Lawrenceville, GA 30046.

     7.  Is Federal and State Financial Aid accepted?

          Federal and State Financial Aid is not currently accepted; however, we a student's church, employers, friends, 
          or relatives may desire to contribute to the student's education, known as sponsorship. Payments made on 
          behalf of these entities will be applied to the sponsored student's education account.  

    8.  Can the school conduct ordinations?

           No,  ordinations should be conducted by your local Pastor

    9.  Am I required to be a part of a church to attend?

          No, you are not required to be a part of a church

    10. Can the school guarantee my spiritual growth?

          No, spiritual growth is based upon the individual cooperation with work of the Holy Spirit

   11. Are classes limited to Georgia?

          No, correspondence and online course are offered to all students (In and Out- of- State)

    12. Is Chosen for His Purpose School of Christian Ministries an accredited school or  

          C.F.H.P. School of Christian Ministries is a private, independent entity registered as an organization with the  
          State of Georgia and is a fully recognized and accredited private educational institution and is in good standing          
          with the National Bible College Association- Accrediting Commission of Christian College and Universities            

     13.  Are courses I take transferable to other institutions?

            It is at the discretion of every Educational Institution whether they will accept credit from other Educational                              entities.